A list of dream bands.

I have a ton of them, but financial reality ties my hands a bit. In no particular order, I offer a selection of just a few.

Rocket From The Crypt;
knees2Photo for Skatepunk by Mark Waters.

Indeed. One of my all time favorites, and a band that is guaranteed to move every ass from the left to the right. It’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility, but it’s not as if I have a direct line to Speedo’s hideout either.

The Bronx;
Photo for Birmingham Live by Steve Gerrard.

Well, wouldn’t that be a thing? One of the top three best live bands I’ve ever seen in my life, and the one that inspired Underbike to be more than a shitty party in a shitty bar;

The Dirtbombs;
2458843350_dccccd92c6_bPhoto by The Hunta.

Like RFTC, The Dirtbombs have that special kind of hook that will move a room into a frenzy.

I had the bright idea to share bringing this band to Vegas with a certain individual from a certain company from Detroit. He highjacked my plan and instead implemented it in New York. At the risk of spreading sour grapes around, fuck that guy and fuck his stupid overhyped company.

Planes Mistaken For Stars;
pmfs_smatter_08122012_jc-0205Photo for RVA Mag by Jake Cunningham.

One of the greatest bands to ever come from Denver, and coming from a life long fan of The Fluid, that’s high praise. Granted, they’re transplants from Illinois, but I don’t get bogged down in details. If by chance you missed this post featuring a live performance at San Francisco’s Elbow Room, it’s a fantastically powerful set.

The Stooges;
Well, yeah. No shit.

We’ve been lucky thus far being treated to the big rock and roll sounds of O Zorn!, The Black Jetts, Gaytheist, and Lady Sinatra. Will 2016 see any of these I’ve listed above? Maybe. I never say never until I have no other option, and as long as I have at least one angle to operate, we always have an option.

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